Blue jeans and red robin

Basically, like the vast majority of males, I do not like seeing tattoos on a female. However I would definitely make an exception to this rule for this babe. That little red robin, assuming that is what it is supposed to be, even looks cute.

I love her pose and especially the look on her face. Very beautiful.

Oh . . . did I mention how stunning and arousing her bare primaries also look? Titties are so amazing!!!


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Separated and slightly hanging … just about perfect

Contrary to what most women probably think, statistically the research shows that most men think the perfect pair of primaries are separated and hang slightly. So this babe probably has just about the perfectly separated and hanging boobies.

However, for any ladies reading this, I will add that 97 percent of heterosexual males find all boobies up to about 35 years of age highly arousing. Sadly for the ladies the arousal effect of their primaries starts to fall off rapidly after about 35 years of age. Such is life.JustBoobs686James.

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Effective way to wear a tank top

This girl is wearing what my girlfriend tells me is a tank top tee-shirt. It is the tee-shirt a girl might generally wear over a bikini. It has a very low neck and is generally designed to show off part of what you are wearing under the tank top—which, in that case of my girlfriend, might be a bikini top.

But this girl is showing us a much more effective way to wear a tank top. Firstly, don’t wear anything under it. Tis is a very important first step. Then, secondly, put it on sideways so that your cock-hardening primaries are exposed to maximum effect.


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Nicely accessorised boobies

You have to admit she is wearing nice accessories with her bare boobs . . .

JustBoobs684a JustBoobs684bSigh. Have I mentioned how much I love looking at boobies? James.

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Hanging boobs … mmmm

As I have mentioned a few times before, I find forward leaning hanging boobs very arousing . . . VERY arousing . . .


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I love my new high heels

She just looks so happy to be wearing her new high heels. They felt so sexy when she put them on that she took all her clothes off to experience the full excitement of wearing them.


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I just love to flash my boobs sometimes

That is what she seems to be thinking or saying: “I just love to flash my boobs sometimes”.

All us men can be thankful that the large majority of females are exhibitionist by design. They like to show off their femininity. They actually need to know men desire them.

This works out kind of perfectly because men are mostly voyeurs and want to look at sexy women as much and as often as they can.

Perfect match really . . .


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