Most women don’t know the full power of their boobies

Recent research shows something us men have known for eons. Fortunately most women massively underestimate the sexual power of boobies. On a set scale of sexual arousal of 1 to 10 women in the study group aged between 18 and 30 gave boobies an averaged arousal rating of 5.3. The women had to choose from a set of 20 sexual arousal items known to cause sexual arousal in men including toes, feet, ankles, legs, buttocks, hips, vagina, shoulders, neck, lips, arms, hands, etc.

Over half of the women rated their buttocks with a higher sexual arousal rating than their breasts. Scoring lowest with 1.1 was feet.

Men in the study gave women’s breasts a score of 8.5 which was the highest score in the set. So this proves once again that boobies are a woman’s primary sexual attractors.

Interestingly men put arms lowest with an average of 0.9. The men scored women’s feet as 3.9 so they too are much more sexually arousing to men than most women seem to think.

Here are a few pictures to help make the point that boobies are worthy of that 8.5 arousal rating.

JustBoobs661 JustBoobs662 JustBoobs663 JustBoobs664What I don’t understand is why boobies didn’t scope a perfect 10?


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