‘Boob’ asked . . . “who is that girl?”

JustBoobs636aBack on Christmas Eve reader ‘Boob’ asked “who is that girl?”.

He was referring to the girl in the following picture.

JustBoobs636bThis stunner with the damn near perfect titties is Melissa Clarke.  I have posted two or fhree pictures of Melissa at JustBoobs in the past. But here, for your viewing pleasure, because she IS SERIOUSLY cute and has awesome boobs, are a few more.

JustBoobs636cJustBoobs636dIf you weren’t already convinced about her serious cuteness then you should be after looking at the next picture of her from a couple of years ago.

JustBoobs636eMelissa is a UK model and as far as I know she only does glamour modelling, which means she bares everything but her pussy, which makes her perfect for JustBoobs. Also, luckily for us men, she has done lots of glamour work so if you Google Melissa you should have no trouble finding lots of very beautiful eye candy of her showing off her primaries.

If you want somewhere to start there are a number of Tumblr picture sites dedicated to her and you can find a couple of them here and here.

JustBoobs636fMelissa has done a lot of covers and insides for Front in the UK and I will end this sort of tribute to Melissa with one of her more famous shoots for Front where she is tipping Froot Loops cereal all over herself with those amazing primaries of hers in full view. Very nice.

JustBoobs636gThanks Melissa for putting some light in the dark and making life that little more bearable.


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One Response to ‘Boob’ asked . . . “who is that girl?”

  1. Matthias says:

    I agree, she is one of the cutest things DNA has ever accomplished, but unfortunately her name is misspelt. Quite uncommon her name is spelled Mellisa, two L’s one S. You can check by her twitter-profile @mellisa_clarke

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