Not a big fan of boob tubes, but then, hmmm

Warning: This post may be educational.

I have never really been that big a fan of boob tubes. When they are over the girls tits covering them, as they are supposed to, they don’t really present her tits in a flattering way. To stay up and do its job the boob tube needs to be reasonably tight. This causes it to flatten her awesome titties. It also tend to push them in together, which is also not arousing or flattering.

You can sort of see what I mean in this picture.

JustBoobs628eMost boob tube tops also have no support or lift so there is none of that very attractive and arousing tight-lift cleavage that a bra or top with built in support provides. Her breasts are just sort of pushed a little flatter under the elastic squish of the boob tube.

JustBoobs628bBut girls do seem to like boob tubes for some reason. Two of my ex girlfriends had a number of boob tube tops. Alice had at least a dozen of them and a couple of them did have sort of support built in. They had a rope, sort of like soft cotton the rope you find in shower soap, threaded into the boob tube under the titties that could be tied off at the back. So this sort of gave her titties a little bit of support and lift, but not much.

However, as has been demonstrated to me many times by both of these ex girlfriends, there is one huge excitment of wearing a boob tube for both the girl and her boyfriend. It can so easily be pulled down to expose those beautiful arousing intoxicating orbs.

JustBoobs628cNeed more convincing?

JustBoobs628dJustBoobs628aThen when she thinks she has spoilt you enough or you are sufficiently aroused she can simply slip the boob tube back up and hide her awesome primaries away again.



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