Jessica Alba’s beautiful boobies

I generally do not post celebrity pictures. In fact, as far as I can remember, I have not posted any before (but I could be wrong). But a friend sent me these and I decided I would post them. Jessica is a very beautiful woman and those awesome orbs are certainly nothing to be ashamed of. They are amazing.

I am sure when she dressed in front of her mirror she did not plan for the covering flap to ride up and give us a stunning view of her fantastic titties, but the gods favoured us mortals this nigh and gave us a real treat.
I know these have been all over the Web over the last couple of year but I think they are worth assessing once more.

I am sure the following picture is how Jessica intended the dress to look with the covering flap remaining down and just showing us mortals teasing glimpse of beautiful under-booby.

But we got lucky. James.

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