Are These the Perfect Primaries?

More and more of my headings seem to be questions lately. I will have to be careful about that. But seriously, does this girl have near perfect boobs or what? And by the look on her face she knows they are seriously awesome.

Her stunning primaries are almost perfectly separated. So very nicely set apart. They have what I would consider to be just about the perfect sized nipples and her nipples are in what is considered to be the perfect zone which is on the two-third high line. She has no hint of cleavage creasing in the valley. Very very nice. Very very very nice.

I recall reading somewhere some time ago that ‘no’ woman has “Perfect 10” titties, which I am not sure I fully believe, but assuming this is true then I think this girl has at least 9.5 titties. And like I said, from the look on her face she knows she has epic awesome boobs.

Do you like my titties? Are they awesome or what?

Interesting Booby Thing #27:About 11 percent of women go through their whole life never comprehending how much men are obsessed by their boobies.

As always, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. James.

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