Perfect Match–Red Hair with a Blue Bikini Top

Don’t you just love the color blue? It seems to go so well with red hair and red toe nail polish. In fact I think it is almost a perfect match.

I am generall NOT a fan of boob-tube style bikini tops. Although girls seem to like them–I think because it shows the maximum bare flesh above her boobies–from a male’s point of view I think that boob-tube style tops do not flatter a woman’s breasts. Because boob-tubes need to be so tight around her ribs and titties in order to stay put they usually squash and flatten the girl’s boobies. Also they offer no lift at all. Not even the slighest little bit of lift.

But even so, for this girl, her boob-tube bikini top sort of works okay and she demonstrates one huge advantage of her tube top for us–that she can just slip it down very easily and uncover those awesome orbs for our excitment and arousal.



Interesting Booby Thing #25: Most men find separated breasts more arousing than breasts pushed together (so that’s why that bra advert used to say “lift and separate”).


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One Response to Perfect Match–Red Hair with a Blue Bikini Top

  1. Celso N Morais says:

    Dear James, this blog isn’t only about boobs, it’s about beauty. Man, I can’t find a spot of ‘uglyness’ in that pictures! And best of the best, NO SILICON! I love this hommages to the truly beauty. Really, really inspiring. Congratulations, man.

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