Perfect Top for Relaxing and Reading a Good Book

While we are talking about sexy tops (see the last post) the top this girl is wearing as she reads her book has to be just about the most perfect top for a girl to wear when reading a book. It provides the right amount of comfort for her primaries with no tight restricting bra around them. She has the perfect amount of exposure to arouse any nearby pathetic males without completely baring her boobies. At the same time her boobies are getting the bit of support they need.

As I said. Perfect for a relaxing book reading.

He is pretending to watch the TV but I know he is looking at my titties most of the time. I wonder if he even knows what the book is that I am reading?

interesting Booby Thing #24: The average heterosexual male between the ages of 15 and 55 spends slightly over four hours per day thinking about women’s breasts. This can be from looking at or thinking about live cleavage (at work, on the street, with the girlfriend or wife, etc.), scanning the Web (mostly on smartphones these days), ‘reading’ books and magazines, playing computer games (featuring female actors with cleavage), observing boobies on TV or in movies, or just day-dreaming about boobies.


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