Simple But Effective

This nude model has chosen a very simple but very effective pose.

According to the text with the image her name, well her modelling name anyway, is Rhu (which I suspect is pronounced as roo) and she has been doing nude and semi-nude modelling for three years. She got talked into trying nude and semi-nude modelling by her boyfriend’s sister who has been nude modelling for eight years.

She prefers modelling totally bare-breasted ” … because it feels more exciting being topless” but with stockings or shorts or panties on (or a combination of those).

According to the notes in this picture Rhu is wearing full length (I never knew that was any other length) black stay-up lace-top stockings with black open front panties.

Rhu says while the money is great she doesn’t just do it for the money.

Well it’s nice to know she enjoys what she does.



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