More Boobies from Playboy

I generally don’t post Playboy pictures. Firstly there are the copyright concerns. Also I generally don’t like the amber/gold lighting that almost all Playboy picture set-ups seem to over-use.

But I thought this girl just looked so amazing, and she has such awesome primaries—I just had to post her.

Also I have edited down the amber glow a bit to make it look a little less like a Playboy picture and for her skin tone to look more natural.

Intersting Booby Thing #14: About 2 percent of heterosexual men are not aroused or excited at all by boobies, and a further 4 percent are only moderately aroused or excited by a female’s bare breasts.

I would have to say that in my life I have not (yet) come across any male that fits into the first part of this rule (that were not into boobies), but I do know one–otherwise totally normal guy–that probably fits the second part of this rule.


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One Response to More Boobies from Playboy

  1. AnnetteOh8 says:

    Love your interesting booby things … hope you have lots more.

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