Bare Breasted Car Wash (Always Awesome)

Sadly, very sadly, in my life I have only once ever experienced a bare boobies car wash. It was a farm-stay stay over near Walpole and we had been driving on the beach most of the day. When we got back to the farm-stay cabin we all had a few drinks and then decided to wash the two vehicles.

The few drinks obviously helped, but as we were into washing the vehicles one of the guys (Ryan, who I have lost track of but I think is semi-retired in New Zealand) sort of semi-joking suggested that washing cars was much more fun if the girls were topless. Amazingly after he suggested this one of the girls (Sam, short for Samantha) said she would if the other two girls would. The other two girls were sort of semi-girlfriends of two of the guys so I remember thinking at the time that it would never happen.

But to cut a long story short, about ten minutes later there were us five guys washing down two vehicles (very slowly) with three bare-breasted girls sort of helping. Where were camera-phones back in those days? But I can still remember almost all of the details pretty clearly in my mind. It was one of those seriously amazing times in your life you file away forever.


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