Surfacing Mermaid

Okay. She is not a mermaid. Well not as far as I know anyway.

According to the caption with the picture from 4Chan the person taking the picture claims it is his ” … beautiful girlfriend coming up out of the water in the balcony pool at her parent’s place”. Assuming this is true then I have a few thoughts on this.

Firstly her parents must be reasonably wealthy. I don’t know, and have never known, anyone who had a balcony pool. In fact I am not too sure I know what a balcony pool actually is but I am guessing it is a relatively small-ish pool that is somehow built out on a balcony? I think so anyway.

Secondly, I assume her parents were not at home at the time otherwise she would not have been messing about in the balcony pool topless (and possibly bottomless for all we know).

Third, he is a lucky bastard having a girlfriend who provides him with such awesome visual access to her primary sexual attractors.

Some people have all the luck.

This was a relatively crappy quality picture to start with. Presumably taken with a camera-phone. But I have put about half an hour’s worth of photo editing into making it look better. I think it was worth the work. I have sharpened it up as much as I dare and I have tried to bring back some detail in the burnt-out areas of her glorious white skin.

Enjoy … and be jealous that some lucky guys have girlfriends like this!!


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One Response to Surfacing Mermaid

  1. boobaddict says:

    I love this picture. I wish it was bigger so I could make a computer wallpaper of it.

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