Are These “Well separated and slightly hanging”

I love the look of free titties and water so that was my main reason for picking this off to be posted, but for Will I am wondering if these qualify as ‘goddess’ boobs. They are certainly well separated but I am not sure if they are ‘hangy’ enough for Will’s tastes.

Thinking to herself: Why are all the guys on the beach staring at me? Surely they have seen bare boobs before?

What she doesn’t understand is that no matter how many sets of bare boobies us guys see, every new set, and every old set for that matter, is always exciting and arousing to see no matter how many we see or how often. Ever!! Jame’s first law of Boobs states “Bare boobs are always awesome and exciting no matter how many you have seen before” or stated more tightly “Bare boobs are NEVER boring”.


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