Very Erotic Black and White Boobies

As much as I like it I nearly wasn’t going to post this shot. At first I cropped it not to show her bush; in line with my policy of ‘no pussy in the picture’. But that totally ruined the shot with her arms then cut off just below her belly button. I then decided it was okay to show her bush as it did not really distract from the primary subject of the picture, which is her titties, and technically you can’t see her pussy anyway.

I really like this picture. The look on her face. Her awesome primaries (primary sexual attractors = boobs), the attitude of the pose with her arms like that, and her silky smooth legs almost glowing in the black and white image.

Okay! We have tried watching TV naked. Now what can we do?

Well … that’s sort of what she seems to be saying … in my head anyway.


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