Sneak Peek Boobies

I doubt if there is not a guy that comes to this blog that has not caught a glimpse of glorious beautiful booby down a girl’s top. If you haven’t then I feel sorry for you. Even though it is many years ago now I can still remember the very first down-the-top booby I was privileged to get a good look at. I was doing COBOL programming at night school and one of the girls there that I helped out a bit came over to my table (desk) and was leaning down looking at my COBOL coding to see what I had done. There right in front of my eyes were these awesome B cup boobies. I remember trying so hard not to stare at those magic orbs but at the same time I wanted to absorb as much of the glow as I could before they were gone again.

For anyone who knows what COBOL is you will have some idea just how long ago this was.


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