Brown, Brown, Brown: Boobs in the Bath

I nearly didn’t post this. I was going to, then I wasn’t, and then I decided I would.

I really like the crispness of this shot. Most ‘glamour’ photographs are ever so slightly blurred. Even if they were taken pin sharp by the photographer during the actual shoot they often have a whisper of blur (Gaussian Blur) applied to them before they are ‘released’. Even if the whole shot is not blurred then usually at least the face will be, in order to soften it a bit. Often digital “fog” is also applied to soften the shot more and once this is added there is no way to remove it.

But in this picture no blur, that I can detect, has been applied. Also the photographer has put the focal plane about two thirds of the way between her breasts and her face and he has used a small iris setting to get good depth of field.

Should I splash some more water on my titties? They have sort of dried off you have taken so long to get ready to take the pictures.

I also like all the shades of brown going on. Her brown hair, her awesome brown eyes, the brown-ish lipstick, and, mmmm, her brown areolas and nipples, with no other distracting colours in the picture.

Any picture with bare boobies in it is a great picture but this picture stands out a bit above the rest.

Enjoy, James.

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