I am still alive

Hi everybody. It is about six months since I last posted. I have been having a bit of  medical trouble but hopefully I am through that. If I suddenly stop posting again then you can probably assume my problem was not as fixed as they thought it was.

I am not going to guarantee to post daily as I was before, but I will try to post reasonably often and some days I might put up more than one post. I still have a heap of great images I had collected before my problems. One issue I might have now is remembering what has been posted already because I have been away from posting for so long, so if I post something that I have posted before don’t be too surprised—just enjoy it all over again.

I have gone through and accepted all the non-SPAM comments in the backlog, and I want to say a big THANKS to all those still visiting my little site. There have been some days where the unique visitor count has almost hit 4,000 even though I have not been posting.

So, to kick off posting again here is one of my favourite sorts of pictures of a girl with her boobies out for all to see in a public place. In this case, at the beach. I just find it so erotic when a girl is confident enough to expose her primary sexual attractors like this. I love it.


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Egyptian ceremonial style dress

Back when I was seriously into learning about old Egyptian times one of the great customs they had at one period was that unmarried daughters of the Pharaoh, and unmarried women of the Pharaoh’s court in general, were required to be bare breasted at all official ceremonial events.

This was not such a huge deal back then as many women’s outfits at the time did not cover their breasts anyway.

But a great custom really. Pity we can’t bring it back.

Anyway, when I came across this picture it sort of reminded me of this. This lady seems to be dressed and ready to go out. Only problem is, assuming you see it as a problem, being that she is bare breasted. Her beautiful primary sexual attractors are totally uncovered. Just as they would need to be if she were an unmarried female in the Pharaoh’s court getting ready to attend some ceremony.


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Awesome underbooby

Okay. This probably is not technically an ‘underbooby’ picture. With proper underbooby pictures you just get to see the underneath of the girls boobs; you don’t get to see the girls nipples.

I am old enough to remember when crop-tops that showed some underbooby were seriously ‘in’. Which would have probably been around the mid or late 70s. I can remember a girlfriend making an underbooby crop top to wear to a party. Which is basically just buying the right kind of tee-shirt, cutting it off at the right length, and then generally sowing a weighted seam around the front of it (so it did not ride up too easily and show too much underbooby). From memory she was even following instruction in a magazine (something like Cleo or Cosmo).

Ahhhh … those were the days. You almost never see bra-less crop-tops being worn out in the wild anymore. Only on the Web or in magazines.


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See, it’s easy to take off

This stunner is holder what appears to be her dress hanging on her right index finger. It is like she just pulled it off and is now showing us how easy it was to remove. As an added bonus she was not wearing anything under it. Which, I think, is how all such dresses should really be worn.


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Perfect ‘C’ double treat

Very cute babe with perfect ‘C’ titties, and I have two pictures of her for you!

JustBoobs690a JustBoobs690bJames.

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Short dress and necklace is all she needs …

A short dress and necklace is all she needs to look amazing.


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Farm hand taking a break and cooling off

Hardworking farm hand taking a break . . . maybe . . .


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